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Roku android app suddenly missing last 2 numbers in Roku IP address

I have had my Roku TV for about 2 weeks, no problems. Today I turned on the TV and started the Roku app on my Android phone (which has been working fine). The app said there was not a Roku device on the network. I tried to use the "Connect Manually" option and saw this:

IP address: (note: the first 7 numbers were there, just blanking them for this post)

I keyed in the 2 numbers that were missing from the end of the IP address and pressed "Connect".

Message displayed that there was no Roku device at that address. Checked the IP address on my Roku TV, and the numbers were all there. My Roku remote that came with the TV still works fine. It is only the Roku app from the Android app store that fails. I really liked the android app because of the voice control.

Suggestions? Is there another android app out there that anyone can vouch for?

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