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Roku Remote App Doesn't work on ChromeOS w/ Android Support

Hi, I'm not sure where to report this.  I'm using the developer beta of ChromeOS on my Asus C201 chromebook.  With this version of ChromeOS you can enable the Google Play Android App Store and install native Android Apps on the Chromebook.  Using this feature, I installed the Roku app on my Chromebook and it doesn't work.  The app launches but immediately displays a "No Wifi" error message.  This doesn't really surprise me since the app support for ChromeOS is not finished yet.  However, it is something that Roku's engineers probably should be made aware of somehow.  I logged into my account on Roku's website and I didn't see a way to report something like this directly to Roku.  I'm sure it is possible, but I didn't see how, thus I am reporting it here in hopes that it will be seen by Roku staff.
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Re: Roku Remote App Doesn't work on ChromeOS w/ Android Support

I'm having this same issue now a year later. Also on Chrome OS, but using the Roku Android App. I would very much like to use my Chromebook to control my Roku, but it keeps saying Wifi isn't active even though it is.

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