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Re: Roku Mobile App doesn't stay connected

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Roku Mobile App version
Moto Z3 phone
Android version 9 build PDXS29.84-42-3

So... various 3rd party Roku remote control apps keep their connection to the Roku TV indefinitely; however, the Roku Mobile app (from Roku) would disconnect at some point north of 5 minutes. After more testing on my device, I found that the Roku Mobile app disconnections were related to some app settings that can be modified.

Note that there are high level battery management settings that are configured by navigating to Settings / Battery.  On my phone, under Settings / Battery... I had 'battery saver' = off, and 'adaptive battery' = off. Thus, I thought all battery management/optimization was, well you know... completely 'off'.  I found that this was not true… there is a more granular battery management setting associated with each app (under Settings / Apps & Notifications) and that was ‘on’ by default. Here's how you get to that lower level app setting:

  1. Go to Settings / Apps & Notifications
  2. Select 'Roku' from the apps list. If you haven't run the Roku app recently then you may need to expand the list of apps to see it.
  3. Select Advanced / Battery / Battery Optimization
  4. You'll now see a list of apps that are NOT 'battery optimized'.  The default is 'battery optimized' so the Roku app likely won't appear in the list.  Near the top right of the screen select the down arrow to change the app list from 'Not optimized' to 'All Apps'.
  5. Scroll down the list and select the Roku app.
  6. You'll see two battery management options for the app... 'Optimized', or 'Not Optimized'.
    In my case, when 'Optimized' is selected, the Roku Mobile app will disconnect soon after 5 minutes of phone inactivity. If 'Not Optimized' is selected the app stays connected indefinitely.

Not surprisingly, the phone battery drains quicker when 'Not Optimized' is selected.  You'll need to select the configuration that is best for your needs. 

Overall the Roku Mobile app (from Roku) is a nice app and I prefer it by a wide margin when compared to the other 3rd party Roku remote control apps I tried.




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Roku App Keeps Disconnecting from Roku TV

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I have been using the Roku app for about a week and it keeps disconnecting from my TCL Roku TV even if I just used the app about 5 minutes ago. It is very annoying having to keep hit Connect before using the app. I only have one Roku device which is this Roku TV. How can I keep the app connected to the TV? I have an android LG Stylo 5 with android version 9. 

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Re: Roku Mobile App doesn't stay connected

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@mikeism Thanks for following up with your findings! I'm glad you were able to locate those specific settings on your phone to make the necessary adjustments. 

@Strawberries404  Take a look at the solution provided above. This is likely the same type of issue with your phone's settings that is causing the behavior. Making adjustments as noted above should help resolve the issue. 





Tanner D.
Roku Community Manager
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Re: Roku Mobile App doesn't stay connected

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@mikeism your post solved my problem!!! For months I've tried everything suggested remedy out there. This is the only long lasting solution. Thank you so much!! You saved me from a lot of frustration. 

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