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Roku App allows guests to control all devices?

I have an annoying issue where guests and family members have been accidentally controlling the wrong rokus through the app. It's kinda annoying. I had to rename each device. However, there are two devices for random guests/tenants in our apartment complex (we rent out several apartments). The guests cannot ever figure out which device is which. Apartment with numbers as names can be confusing as we don't have apartment numbers on our apartments. Obviously, we aren't going to put the names of the tenants on each roku for privacy/security reasons. 


Anyways, I believe this should be fixed by restricting access to any device on the app unless the user signs in for that device they want to connect to. Of course, their own account must match the account on the device. This works only for setting names and location, but this should be for accessing the entire device instead in my opinion.

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Re: Roku App allows guests to control all devices?

I would think the app should only be able to control a device on the same network. Are you saying all of your apartments are sharing a single Internet connection and IP addresses?

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