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Renaming TVs caused havoc

I have 3 TCL Roku TVs.  All were setup with the app and working fine.  I switched rooms for 2 of the TVs.  After doing so, I renamed the first to the name of the second, and named the second to the previous name of the first.  Since doing that, the app is totally messed up and will only recognize one of the TVs (the first one I renamed). At one point the other 2 TVs were displaying "Roku Device" (but still wouldn't connect) and not the custom TV name.  Now they're not appearing at all.  I've restarted the app, uninstalled/reinstalled the app, restarted all the TVs, tried manually adding the TVs (says its not a Roku IP -- but it is), reset network connections for all, etc. Network connection on all TVs is fine.  When I rename my TV from the Roku site, the TVs get their updated name, but the app still refuses to recognize them.  The first TV will show up in the list of devices, but then the spinner freezes and the other TVs won't appear.  One of the TVs that no longer appears I haven't touched (wasn't involved in the swap).  I'm thinking somehow renaming the TVs broke the app, but no idea how to recover from this now.

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