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Remote control via app does not work on Android 10

I have an issue with using the Android app on Android 10. I am not logged in when using the app on any devices mentioned.

On my Pixel 3a running Android 10, when I go to the remote control part of the app and attempt to connect I see the following (this is unedited):

Android 10Android 10

On my old Sony Xperia X Compact running Android 8.0, I instead see this (note that I've changed the Serial number and SSID for privacy reasons):

Android 8Android 8

Both devices are running v6.2.2.333206 - I believe this is the latest version.

I have reinstalled the Roku app multiple times on my Pixel 3a, allowed all (I'd argue unnecessary) permissions with no success. At all times, the app works perfectly on my Xperia X Compact regardless of allowed permissions and logged in status (it also works perfectly on my 6th gen iPod touch running ios 12). It has never been able to connect to my Pixel 3a since I purchased it in October.

The above screenshots were taken when attempting to connect to my personal Roku in my US apartment. Over the last 2 months I've also attempted to use the remote app on my parents 2x Roku devices (Roku 3 4200 and stick 3500) in the UK and my inlaws 2x roku devices in the US midwest (stick 3500 and Express, either 3700 or 3900), with identical results.

I suspect something in Android 10 is the cause but could do with any assistance regarding this issue. Also, note that this happens on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks.

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