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Remote control app for iOS with Siri voice control

I just released an update to my app - Remu - on the iOS App Store that adds Siri support.
You can open your favourite app or TV channel, mute or turn off your device with Siri without even touching your phone.

Additionally, use the actions in the Shortcuts app as part of your automation workflows or add your most used commands to the home screen or the Shortcuts widget.

Give it a try, any feedback is very much welcome. Thanks!


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Re: Remote control app for iOS with Siri voice control

Just created a quick demo video how it works:[youtube:uyh1cem4]gYd5nYiZGA8[/youtube:uyh1cem4]
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Re: Remote control app for iOS with Siri voice control



I really appreciated  your app and your hard work to provide this app for roku users.

I would like to ask you how Apple accept your app to publish on App store ? 

I created a different roku ios app but the app store review team rejected the app because i don't have right to use roku. 

the sent me this:

Your app includes content or features from Roku, or is marketed to control external hardware from Roku, without the necessary authorization. The inclusion of third-party content within your app, whether retrieved from the internet by the app or embedded in the app, is subject to the terms of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement.

Could you please share with us you experience when you published your roku app ?


Thank you

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