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Level 7

Private listening stopped working

Private listening has stopped working for all my roku devices on my phone. It works fine on my wifes phone ( both IOS) but just stopped working on mine. I used it yesterday and all three of my roku devices now will not allow private listening just through my phone. 

I have 

disconnected roku for 20 min, and my router, shut down my phone, deleted my roku app and reinstalled, checked my wired connections , turned off all bluetooth connected devices to my phone and still nothing works. I go to click the heaphone button and it will not allow me to click it, if I press enable private listing it till toggle it but after I exit and come back into the settings page it is un toggled again. Help i use this feature religiously cannot figure why it would just stop working for everything and just my phone. 

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Level 18

Re: Private listening stopped working

I dont do Apple but check your permissions in IOS or whatever

theyre called and reset your router off/on.

When you reinstall an app it can have settings stored behind.

My guess is its a setting on your phone.

You didnt mention your Roku Model number but the better remotes

these days also have this function.

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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Level 19

Re: Private listening stopped working

@nyues88 Thanks for sharing your experience. Are you still experiencing this issue? If so, please provide more information so we can help take a closer look here. 

- Phone brand and specific model 

- Software version it is running (Android or iOS) 

- The version of the Roku mobile app you have installed

- The name of the streaming channel and content you are trying to use with private listening 

- Have you tried turning your phone's volume level up after you activate private listening by pressing the headphones button from the remote screen?




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