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Private listening Port ?

I have my network setup with vlans. My phone(Iphone) and my tv(tcl roku) are on different Vlans

8060,443,190,80 ports are enabled to talk between the devices and other then private listening it is working great and as expected.

When I try to enable private listening on my phone(Iphone) it seems like it tries to make a handshake and fails, as in my tv mutes for a second shows the symbol of private listening and then it goes back to normal.

Is there any other port that it uses that I am missing for private listening?

Both my RokuTV and Roku Ultra have the same issue. When they are on the same Vlan it works.

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Level 7

Re: Private listening Port ?


I had the same issue. Netstat on my phone showed the following UDP ports. Opening them on the firewall seems to work.