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Mirror app not showing all photos for iPad or iPhone

Just set up the roku app on the wife's iPad and iPhone and when I go to use the mirror function under the media tab it only shows a few of the photos of the 100 plus that are available in other folders on either device.  I only shows a handful of recent pictures.

Any idea how to mirror all of them or have access to them?

Any help on this would be appreciated...


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Re: Mirror app not showing all photos for iPad or iPhone

@kens450r Thanks for reaching out here. Could you please provide more specific details about your phone and the software it is running so we can help take a closer look: 

- Phone brand and specific model 

- Software version it is running (Android or iOS) 

- Version of the Roku mobile app you have installed

- Picture file formats that you are trying to select/view in the mobile app (.jpeg, .png, etc)

- Are these pictures stored locally in your phone's internal memory, on an SD card inserted into the phone, or in a cloud-based folder that your phone has access to? (Note: The picture files need to be stored locally on your phone.)

- Is there any apparent order to the pictures that do display, in comparison to those that do not? e.g. You see the first 15 pictures in a folder, but not the rest, etc.

With more information, we can continue to assist you from there. 




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Level 7

Re: Mirror app not showing all photos for iPad or iPhone

I'm having the same experience as kens450R
- iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 13.7
- Roku Mirror 1.6.2
- Picture formats - QuickTime, JPEG & HEIC
- Stored locally
- There is no apparent order to what shows and what doesn't -- some appear in the Roku app AND Photos folder; some ONLY appear in the Photos folder.

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