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Casting from roku mobile app

Can i cast my roku channel app to my chromecast? I dont want to mirror my phone. The cast icon wont highlight and my chromecast isnt being seen

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Re: Casting from roku mobile app

Same issue from iPhone.  Looks like we can cast from websites to the ROKU device, but we cannot cast the ROKU content to a TV equipped with Chromecast but without a ROKU device in it.

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Re: Casting from roku mobile app

This is totally lame. This is just like the antitrust issues at the dawn of the broadcast radio and TV era when companies like Westinghouse and GE were buying radio and TV broadcasting stations and production companies and then manufacturing TVs and radios that would only pick up signals from THEIR affiliates. It's ridiculous.

They finally liberated content creators and audiences from the cable networks' stranglehold only to trap us all in an even more divisive and profit-driven environment free from regulations and standards. 

Chromecast is the only streaming device that I will ever buy. Because it is NOT attached to a content network that is trying shove their productions down your throat while artificially creating compatibility barriers between them and their competitors. 

We should not have to wait for corporate bigwigs to strike billion dollar licensing deals with each other to be able to watch any content we want on whatever device we chose to buy. Chromecast makes it super easy for developers to add casting functionality to their apps and they don't care what hardware platform or OS or content network is involved.

Get over yourself, Roku, Amazon, etc. All your devices run on Android platforms anyway, so just use Google's built in casting API instead of your stupid inferior, proprietary **bleep**.