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Cant discover my device

I have a model 3910 X and I haven't I cannot find it trying to put a remote to it for my phone and I need someone's help because we need the IP address please help me cuz I cannot find it in the top of that we don't have no way to find the IP address of someone getting help me find the IP address breaking Manley set it up and please and I will be grateful

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Re: Cant discover my device

OK, if I am following what you're asking, you want to use the Roku app on a phone or tablet, and the Roku isn't appearing on the app. 

First, are you certain the Roku is connected to the network? Do you have the Roku remote and everything works? You can't use the app unless the Roku is already connected.

Next, both the Roku and the phone must be connected to the same network, with no intervening routers. Also, the wireless connection point must not have any security feature enabled that blocks connected devices from seeing each other. If you're using a WiFi that's labeled "guest", that is certainly enabled. Even on the private side of the network, some routers/access points enable this feature by default. 

Both the Roku and the phone must be on the same IP address range. For most home networks, this is usually 192.168.0.x, with each device having a different last digit. If one device shows a different number in the first three segments (for example, one device has 192.168.0.x, and the other has 192.168.1.x), then the app will never see the Roku. That is a network configuration issue that is beyond the scope of this forum. 

You can find the IP address of the Roku in the Settings/Network menu. You'll have to figure out how to see the address of the other device yourself. 


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