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App does not find my Roku

My WiFi is already connected to both my phone and Roku, but whenever i try to connect the app to my Roku it just keeps searching for devices (doesn’t find any, just keeps searching). I tried putting in the IP address manually but it says no Roku found at this IP address.
Not sure what to do, my WiFi does not have guest more or AP isolation (checked that)...
Any advice ?
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: App does not find my Roku


Thanks for letting us know about the issue that you are experiencing.

We recommend that you try restarting your wireless network, and then rebooting both your device and mobile app. 

For other troubleshooting steps to connect the Roku Mobile app to your device please visit our Support page: Why does the Roku mobile app not see my Roku® streaming device?

Please keep us posted.


Danny R.
Roku Forum Moderator
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Re: App does not find my Roku

Hey Danny....what if we've already tried all that? I've done all the things in the linked article, as well as reinstall the app. My internet provider saw no reasons why there would be an issue and recommended that I get answers from Roku.
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Re: App does not find my Roku

I'm having the same issues. It used to be occasionally, but recently I have to remotely restart my wifi constantly to even attempt to reconnect my app.
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Re: App does not find my Roku

I realize the OP already mentioned checking this, but for the others: check your router/access point and make sure your WiFi isn't configured to hide your local network from a connected device. This is a security feature that are usually enabled in hotels and other public access points. But it could be enabled in your router as well. Also, make sure the Roku and the phone are on the same network. By this, I mean they have the same range of IP address (the first three of the four segments of the IP address are the same, i.e Some access points have what might be labeled Guest networks, and these are not able to see other devices on your main network. 

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