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App Crashes on Expert Picture Settings

I have a new 2020 TCL 635 and the Roku App on an Android phone. Every time I try to access the expert picture settings for my device I get an operating error and it tells me to restart the TV- I have done this and it doesn't work.

This is key functionality that is inaccessible without the app. A quick search online says this has been  a known issue for months. Any timeline on a fix to the app or a software update for the TV so I can access these settings?

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Level 7

Re: App Crashes on Expert Picture Settings

Check my post about this issue over in same topic but for iPhone, seems that discussion contains posts from Android users as well.

Basically the "Operational Error" crash is very common but Roku and/or TCL doesn't seem concerned enough about customer service to look into it.

I have tried everything and cannot solve it on my setup...

Level 8

Crashing expert picture settings

For many months now me and so many of other TCL owners are not able to access the expert picture settings in the Roku app. multiple updates, multiple threads and as of this date no fix yet. All what Roku could do, is instead of totally crashing the app. now an error message appears saying that if this issue persists restart the TV and of course, restarting does not fix a thing.

The only solution to this issue at this time found by the community is to revert back to an older version of the app to be able to access the settings. This is unacceptable.

I have a colorimeter, calman software and a pattern generator to properly calibrate my TCL P625 and S635 and with this problem, I cannot do a thing, or use an old version of the app. which who knows what other problems that version can cause if used.

In short Roku failed to support us and all they did is they marked other threads addressing this issue as resolved.


Level 7

Re: Crashing expert picture settings

Does anyone at Roku want to fix this very annoying issue?

I have a Honor 10 on Android 10. My app crashes with all my TVs. Expert settings are not available.

Level 7

Re: Crashing expert picture settings

I'm having the same issue. I'm marking this issue resolved: I've resolved to not buy another TCL TV.
The Expert Picture Settings contain a large group of functions marketed and documented in the user guide as part of the purchased product. It's hard to believe a company can get away with ignoring this issue.

Level 7

Re: App Crashes on Expert Picture Settings

Funny thing - apparently certain words pertaining to tort actions are not allowed in this community. Hence the '*' in the following: I think this is worthy of a class action l*wsuit - TCL chose to lock key functionality to an app which does not work for almost anyone. Call it a bait and switch, false advertising, defective product - whatever - I think it's time to contact a l*wyer.