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App Crashes on Expert Picture Settings

I have a new 2020 TCL 635 and the Roku App on an Android phone. Every time I try to access the expert picture settings for my device I get an operating error and it tells me to restart the TV- I have done this and it doesn't work.

This is key functionality that is inaccessible without the app. A quick search online says this has been  a known issue for months. Any timeline on a fix to the app or a software update for the TV so I can access these settings?

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Re: App Crashes on Expert Picture Settings

Check my post about this issue over in same topic but for iPhone, seems that discussion contains posts from Android users as well.

Basically the "Operational Error" crash is very common but Roku and/or TCL doesn't seem concerned enough about customer service to look into it.

I have tried everything and cannot solve it on my setup...

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