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Android can't connect to Roku 2

Earlier today we had an issue with our router.  Got that squared away by resetting.  Now we can not connect with the Roku 2 using our androids (which we were using as remotes).  HELP!!!!!  P.S. you know that person you have to explain things to like they are a child.....I'm that person. 

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Re: Android can't connect to Roku 2

How does your Roku 2 connect to your network? There were multiple versions of the Roku 2, and only some had an Ethernet connection.

If wireless, and your SSID and/or password changed when you reset your router, your Roku isn't connected to the network any longer. And the phone app can't connect if they aren't on the same network. If the SSID did change, I recommend renaming it back to the original name and password. Your Roku should then connect automatically. The only other solution is to use the Roku remote to connect the Roku to the new wireless ID. If you can't find your Roku remote, all versions of the Roku 2 support an IR remote, and there are many inexpensive IR remotes that have the codes necessary for a Roku. 


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