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Help with Roku products that no longer receive software updates, are no longer supported for channel updates, etc.
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how to get upgrade offer in email

I have a classic Roku, which will no longer supports Hulu. I got an email saying that I could upgrade for only $15 to an express. I do not want anything fancier or more expensive.

"...Roku Express will receive the newest software updates and support for the latest channel releases. Upgrade today for just $15 with this exclusive offer." But, the link shows me only speakers and a new remote only, no $15 express as promised.

Please help me get the upgrade promise in the email.

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Level 7

Re: how to get upgrade offer in email

I am in the exact same place. The email offers Roku Express but wgen contacting customer service they insist the offer is for Express+ and is not in stock. I only want the bare bones Express, just fulfill your advertisement Roku!