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Re: 2 XS no signal after turning TV off

@atc98092 wrote:

@aj1701 wrote:
Well, that's the frustrating thing.  Its not performant enough to run some of the current channels, but its obviously still powerful enough to play 1080p video & audio since it was capable of that from the day it was released.  I think its reasonable expect to still work, just like a DVD player from the 90s can still play DVDs just fine assuming no mechanical problems b/c DVDs haven't changed.


Actually, the 2 XS even new would not play full bitrate 1080 Blu ray rips. It has a bitrate limit of about 14 Mbps, while Blu Ray movies can top 20 Mbps easily. I have some 1080 material that has peak bitrates over 40 Mbps. I had to configure my DLNA server to reduce the bitrate to about 12 Mbps to smoothly stream HD material. And it's always better to not have to do that. Starting with the players released around 2015/16, I found no problem streaming my BD rips, and only run into network limitations with UHD rips exceeding 100 Mbps. 

I think you're missing the point. It's irrelevant that it couldn't play higher bitrate HD, it had that limitation from day one.  It's just as capable of playing HD video today as it was brand new, so IMO it should still be usable, but attempting to is frustrating b/c it freezes now if you turn the TV off and some of the channels are slower than they should be.  

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Re: 2 XS no signal after turning TV off

No, I follow you. Yes, it's capable of playing what it could play when released. But it was released 9 years ago, and the online streaming sources have changed a lot since then. Netflix completely redesigned their user interface around 2015 which added profiles. That is something that was never available on the 2 XS. Same with YouTube. Google continued to make changes in their device apps, and are no longer practical on older devices. Both of these changes were made by the providers, not Roku. So it's not the fault of Roku that these older devices have become obsolete. 

It comes down to what one considers 1080 HD material. What the online sources still stream is within the capabilities of the 2 XS, as they are all under 10 Mbps for 1080. But because of changes they have made to their user applications (channels in Roku-ese) they are no longer viable on the older, slower devices. 

You will find the same thing with other consumer electronic devices. I have an old iPhone that is certainly still capable of making cellular phone calls and using text messaging. But Apple discontinued support for the latest iOS versions long ago, so there are many apps that will not work on the phone. And since I'm not even certain it supports 3G, it's possible it won't even make phone calls for much longer. Naturally, I've replaced that phone quite a while ago so I can continue to receive updates and use the latest technologies. And I had to move to iOS because Microsoft gave up on Windows Phones, which was an OS that I actually preferred. Time marches on, and devices have to keep up. 

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Re: 2 XS no signal after turning TV off

Well, when all is said and done this appears to be a backward compatibility issue of sorts.  And while I understand that technology marches on, it's still annoying to deal with.  But that's the world we live, right?  So, I went to Walmart, picked up a Roku Premiere for about 40 what a difference!  This thing works so much better than the older ones - just can't believe the difference.  Watching streaming video is fun again.

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