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Help with Roku products that no longer receive software updates, are no longer supported for channel updates, etc.
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What channels still perform acceptably on the Roku LT?

I dusted of my old Roku LT (after I think 7 years) and it was nice to see it had one last OS update but i noticed it rendered it nearly useless due to severe lagging and poor performance.

I upgraded a few channels like Netflix and installed new ones like Locast and they are straight up unusable.  YouTube maybe but it really really lags.  The jury is still out of it might make an acceptable wanna be Chromecast (for YouTube)

Im curious if there is anyone out there that has found other channels that puts the old Roku LT to better use?  I already have a Streaming Stick+ and just hate the thought of throwing away old hardware.

Im also curious if it is possible to roll back the OS to a more acceptable baseline (even if it means i can't use certain apps because they don't perform acceptably when the OS is upgraded anyways!)

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