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Volume control not working on YouTube app.

I used an old NowTV box (roku lt 2400) which worked fine for YouTube when listening to music connected to my analog amp. Then last week NowTV killed their device completely from functioning, so I bought a Roku 1 as it also has analog output... BUT

now in the YouTube app on phone (and you cast the playlist to the Roku) the Roku doesn't respond to the volume slider control so the vol level is constant!! I have already updated the box and channels too.

My amplifier has no remote, so I need to use the YT app to control the volume on the YT channel... the NowTV box responded fine. 

What's going on? How do I access other YT channel earlier versions to test them? I enabled sideloading but cannot find the YT files needed. Smiley Sad(

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Level 7

Re: Volume control not working on YouTube app.

OK I just checked this on a Roku 3 (4200) which lacks analog output so the feature doesn't help me anyway but on the YouTube channel it does work properly... I checked the Youtube details showing:

Version 1.0 Build 80000314

But my Roku 1 it says:

Version 2.0 Build 91000085

How do I replace the broken channel with the 8xxxx build above? 

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Volume control not working on YouTube app.


Thanks for the posts.

I have replied to your PM and will continue to assist you from there.


Danny R.
Roku Forum Moderator
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