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Uses for M1001 now since there are no servers for it...

I've had my ROKU M1001 since they first went on sale. Now, as I'm sure most of you know, it cannot find or connect to any servers to play internet radio from around the world. I found this article:  Roku Soundbridge streaming audio player partly useless due system issues and no backups , and I've tried to contact the two users mentioned in the article on this board.

Are there any other uses for this device? I love it because it is a beautiful, well-made solid device. Just looking for any info or other uses for it..



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Re: Uses for M1001 now since there are no servers for it...

Hi Dough, I identify the main problem of the Soundbridge in missing the HTTPS protocol. 15 years ago HTTP had been the choice and since two years more and more services drop from HTTP to HTTPS. Mostly the rest of the addresses are the same so it is difficult to see. But the effect is huge cause the SoundBridge natively can`t work with HTTPS. So you get the info at the display that the Roku is trying and trying and trying but gets no contact. Now you have two options. Option 1 is to catch only stations with HTTP in there address - but sooner or later they will change to HTTPS too. Option 2 is my workaround you can read here:




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