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Ultra 4800 usb drive problems

I have 2 Roku ultras a 4670(about a year old) and a 4800(1 week old). When I insert my usb drives in the 4670 it plays the video’s and music files no problem. When I use the same usb drives in the 4800 it will only play a file for 2-3 seconds and either skip to the next file and play again for 2 seconds or just freeze up. I did try 2.0 & 3.0 drives reformatted the drives with NTFS, Fat32, and FAT.  I also used different video and audio files on these drives. I finally got an old 2.0 two gig drive to work formatted with NTFS but no other usb drive will work in the new 4800 ultra. Why would the one year old model work better than the new model?

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Re: Ultra 4800 usb drive problems

Who knows? Flash drives do wear out as all Flash anything does.

Try a new one 3.0 with FAT32

---A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved---.
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