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Roku3(4200x) fails to complete initial “update” on first ever use

Trying to setup a Roku3 that my mom had forgotten she bought a few years ago. Device starts with a basic Roku logo screen, then prompts for language, then prompts for WiFi details and connects without problem. Then device says it will get the latest software. Then progress bar shows it completes that update...but then the Home Screen never comes on. After a few seconds of blinking light - It just reverts to a now animated Roku logo screen, then starts the initial setup process again asking for language selection, then WiFi details...but now it retains the SSID (but not the PWD). I have run through this sequence loop 5 or more times. Is there a solution for when a “new” Roku3 fails to complete its initial setup?

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Level 7

Re: Roku3(4200x) fails to complete initial “update” on first ever use

I'm having the same issues with two new Roku 3 I gave my children (packed away for awhile). We've tried several times (more than ten) to update both units and it's a viscous cycle. I can't find any fixes online.

I'm going to email tech support since phone support is non-existing for Roku any longer.

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