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Roku2 4205EU Dead?

After many excellent years it would appear my Roku2 is dead or is it.

Took it with me to in-laws for xmas, prior to unplugging disconnecting it had worked reliably without problem.

Reconnected powered up, power light on, ethernet lights both on.  Nothing, absolutely nothing on TV.

Returned home, reconnected, powered up, power light on, ethernet lights on.  Nothing absolutely nothing on TV.

Tried different HDMI cables, different HDMI port on TV (which all tested out OK with other HDMI source).  No change nothing displayed on TV.

Did soft reset using remote, ie 5 Homes etc.  No change to display.  Note remote batteries all OK, but changed em anyway.  Still no difference, ie nothing display on TV.

Tried hard reset via pin hole.  20 second hold made no difference.  Tried 30 second hold, made no difference.

Connected usb stick, no change.

Connected ethernet cable to live running router with cable that was working on other machine.  No change.

Seems bloody strange to me that merely turning off and disconnecting a Roku box would result in it no longer working.

Serious thoughts on what if any other options there other than putting it into the electrical recycling waste?

Oh I havent got my avo out and checked the original power supply is actually running at 5.99V (seriously!), but given the box power light seems unneeded.

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