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Roku XD Can not add new channels


I have a Roku XD and I am able to access some channels such as Netflix and Hulu, but when I try add other Channels such as HBO Go, I get the error "Operation not supported at this time."  Any suggestions on where to start to trouble shoot this would be appreciated!

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Re: Roku XD Can not add new channels

I don't think HBO Go works with the very old Roku models.. anything older than probably a Roku 3 will probably have problems accessing some channels.. Vudu, HBO Go, and others come to mind.
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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Re: Roku XD Can not add new channels

That's right. The Roku XD was discontinued in 2011 and support officially ended in 2015.

The older boxes just don't have the power to support many of today's channels.
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