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Help with Roku products that no longer receive software updates, are no longer supported for channel updates, etc.
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Roku Premiere Plus+ Model 4630X - Power Adapter

I have a Roku Premiere Plus+ Model 4630X. About two weeks ago, it just stopped working. It won't respond to the remote and doesn't show as online on the app. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting. I tried other outlets, and I even tried it at another house. I have tried doing a reset via the reset button on the bottom, but no success. Sometimes when I plug it in or move it, the light on the front will flash for a second or two, but then go right back off.


This has led me to believe that the issue is either the Power Adapter or the unit itself and since this model is out of warranty and no longer supported, I'm hoping for the former. I looked through the adapters available through the Roku website, but none have my model listed as supported.


My question is are any of the Power Adapters available for sell from Roku compatible with my model or has it been completely sunset? It looks like the PW11 (the most likely candidate from what I can tell) or PW01 may work, but I'd like to be sure.

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Re: Roku Premiere Plus+ Model 4630X - Power Adapter

Same issue. The Premiere+ power adapter output is 12v 1.0A.  It’s a shame Roku doesn’t list the specs of the adapters they sell for those of us with legacy devices in need of replacement power adapter — who wants to replace their working device if all it needs is a $10 replacement part?

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