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Roku Premier+ Remote Replacement- Roku says it is a RC95

My Roku Premier+ identifies my remote as a RC95. It shows me the battery level and a MAC address.  Granted this is a Roku I purchased several years ago but I can find no support information for the RC95 on this site. There is an issue with the directional controls where the OK symbol is.  I need a replacement remote and believe this remote is not an IR remote as I've placed the Roku device out of site and have blocked all access around the remote and it seems to function fine for the other buttons.

Certainly Roku has an older Premier+ that they use with a newer remote to test with and make a reasonable recommendation.  I have not seen any answer that seems reliable on the support page.

Any assistance is welcome.

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Re: Roku Premier+ Remote Replacement- Roku says it is a RC95

The modern voice remote or enhanced voice remote sold by Roku will work. Everything from generation 3 (2013) onward will support the Wi-Fi direct remotes.

4630 is fifth generation.

Anything that supports a Streaming Stick will work without line of sight.

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