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Roku 3 problems with not enough space and adding MicroSD card

I have a Roku 3, model 4230X (sn 63261D185629) that is about 5 years old.  Software is 9.4.0 build 4200-04.

I have purchased from my desktop both CuriosityStream and Discovery+.

First problem is being able to figure out how to 'connect' my already paid for subscriptions to my Roku.

Second problem is I have added watchTVG but I cannot select it.  I have only 9 channels.  When I attempt to select watchTVG, I get the message:

WatchTVG could not be run because there is not enough space. Remove installed channels or add a microSD.

I added a 2G microSD.  When I power on the Roku, it sees that there is a microSD and asks if I want to format it but my Roku remote no longer works.  I've tried powering off and on the Roku, I'd tried removing and adding back in the HDMI cable with no success.

After reading of the many, many problems with adding microSDs, about needing an SD and not needing an SD, about remotes failing to work, it is discouraging to say the least.

What can I do to

  • Add the microSD and keep the remote working?
  • Add additional subscription channels so I can watch them on my TV?

Should I be looking for a different streaming device for my Sony non-streaming TV?

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