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Help with Roku products that no longer receive software updates, are no longer supported for channel updates, etc.
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Roku 2(old I know) troubleshooting

I have an old Roku 2. Yes one that actually plugs in with a wire. It is in my guest room as i have a new streaming stick. It will not pair with my remote so I did the hard reset per another post. Now it goes back to the “select a language” but it won’t pair with my remote. So I can’t click ahead. I did the turn off, batteries, etc. nothing is working. I can’t use it. How do I get this fixed? 

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Re: Roku 2(old I know) troubleshooting

If its Roku 2 dx or xs it uses Bluetooth remote and so it won't communicate with newer wifi-direct remotes like stick+ uses. It will work with a IR remote, and so cheap universal remote with roku listed should work. 

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