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ROKU 3910X suddenly stopped providing stable HDMI signal to TV

ROKU receiver has been working perfectly for 2 years with basement TV (Phillips 50ML8105D/17 - HDTV). On Nov 15th 2020, turned ROKU unit and TV on, it displayed the bouncing ROKU letters, then went to black screen. Every time I disconnect power to ROKU unit & reconnect, it does the exact same thing. I brought that unit to our upstairs TV which also uses the 3910X unit, swapped them out and the basement unit works perfectly on the upstairs TV. Brought the upstairs unit to the basement TV and, it displayed the bouncing letters, then went black screen. Conclusion: it's not EITHER of my 3910X units...

Swapped out HDMI cables, no solution. Pressed ROKU unit's reset, no solution. Then connected my DVD player to the HDMI of basement TV, and that works just fine. Conclusion: It's NOT the HDMI cable or, the TV's HDMI...

I've since read that the 3910X may have rcv'd an auto update from ROKU which may be causing an HDMI conflict with my basement TV (which is older than the upstairs TV). So, I purchased an HDMI to ypbpr convertor made by Kingsun Vip of China that advertised it is ROKU compatible, but it still does not solve the issue. I am going to return the convertor to the retailer.


Question 1) Why am I suddenly having this problem with only my basement TV?

Question 2) Is there a current ROKU model that IS compatible with my basement TV, or NOT?

Question 3) If NOT, before I purchase an alternate convertor, is such a convertor supposed to work with the ROKU 3910X that I currently use?

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