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Power adapter model 4200x

I have searched the Roku website, including accessories, and have not been able to find a power adapter replacement for a Roku model 4200x. Is there a compatible power adapter that will work with 4200x available for sale on the Roku website? Thanks.

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Re: Power adapter model 4200x

Any 12V 1 A power supply with the right connector should work.

Plenty of used or compatible units on eBay or Amazon.

If you insist on a Roku branded one, the the "right" supply is PW09XB or PW12 for the 4210, but they seem to be discontinued.

@RokuTannerD  was the authority on the discussion at

@DBDukes observed that "The Roku 1/SE (2710), Roku 2 (2720, 4210), and Roku 3 (4200, 4230) all use the same adapter." - because he owns each of those units! So if you find a power supply for any of those, it should work for all of them.


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Re: Power adapter model 4200x

Thank you for your reply and guidance. The Roku 3 is an old unit that I was trying to get to work on the TV up at camp.

I have a power supply for my Roku XD and Roku LT. Unfortunately neither one of those power adapters have the correct male plug for the Roku 3. 

I continued my search in my basement and found my old Roku 2 including its power adapter. Tested the Roku 2 with its power adapter and it powered up.  All good.

Used that same power adapter on the Roku 3. The light did not turn on. So I think the Roku 3 is shot.

I'll try out the Roku 2 on the TV and see if it works. Othewise buy its time for a new Roku.

Thanks again!

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