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Help with Roku products that no longer receive software updates, are no longer supported for channel updates, etc.
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Legacy device - Roku XD wont load anything

I set up my used Roku XD to my old school tube TV.  The menu is a little slow to respond to the remote but I did load a bunch of channels, only to find out that it would hold less than 20 before the memory was over filled.  

So i tried to test the few channels and see if it would play.  Starting a movie, the download starts and fills about 1/3 and then progress stops.  I try a streaming channel and it flashes a message so fast i can't read it. I try another channel and start a movie and it just jumps back to the channel menu.  Completely useless.  

Is this just obsolete technology or is there something that i can do.  I've got a good WIFI signal from my U-verse router and my account is set up and the box is linked.  I was hoping to watch some free content but it looks hopeless.  

If this is obsolete, what's the next best cheap box to connect to a RCA composite A/V input?

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Re: XD wont load anything

Yeah, it's pretty old tech. The only new Roku model with composite output is the Express Plus. Either the 2016 model (3710) or the 2017 model (3910). If you move away from Roku, there are quite a number of generic Android boxes available, and there might be some with composite video support. Of course, those boxes might not offer the channels/apps you desire.
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