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Fast booting Roku?

I currently own one Roku Express unit. Boot time from turn on to watching in an app is incredibly LONG (several minutes). This is longer than I waited as a kid for the tubes to warm up in old TVs! Are there faster booting models or are they all this slow?

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Re: Fast booting Roku?

I don't have an Express so I don't know how their boot time compares.  The Express models are at the bottom of the Roku line, and have less capable processors than the models higher up the list. 

How are you powering your Roku -- plugged into the USB port on your tv, or into a power adaptor connected to your house power?   Most tv USB ports turn off with the tv, so your Roku will have to boot up each time you turn on the tv. 

Rokus in general have no provisions to be turned off.  If you power the Roku by plugging its USB cord into your house power via the supplied power supply instead, it will always be on and booted up when you turn on the tv.  This also allows it to apply any software and channel updates overnight when it is otherwise idle.

Note that if you do this, it is a good idea to return the Roku to the home screen before turning off your tv to keep the Roku from continuing to stream unwatched content which could run you over any data cap you might have on your internet service.  Even if you don't have a data cap, streaming unwatched data can needlessly contribute to overtaxing the entire distribution system.  The Roku power usage when not actually streaming is miniscule.



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Re: Fast booting Roku?

As noted, most Roku's are on 100% of the time if they are supplied power 100% of the time. The old Roku4 had a deep sleep mode, but that only takes a few seconds to wake up.

That said, there was post that an upcoming firmware update will reduce the boot up time.

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Re: Fast booting Roku?

I’ve had two Roku’s and both of them take approximately 30 minutes to turn on, that is why I bought the second one. I run the power with the supplied power adapter directly from the wall outlet. Is there anything I can do or do I need to go to an Amazon device?

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Re: Fast booting Roku?

Roku's generally dont need to boot because they are always on by design.

It is likely your slow TV.

If you are unplugging it, dont.

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