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Help with Roku products that no longer receive software updates, are no longer supported for channel updates, etc.
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Dealing with HBCP (?) problem

My Roku 3 has worked fine for years, but just got this onscreen message when I was trying to stream something, and got it on multiple channels (e.g., Netflix, Hulu). Followed instructions to unplug HDMI from both the Roku device and TV, then unplug power for both devices, before restoring all cables. Now I only get a "no signal" message. I've checked that the HDMI cable is back in the same TV slot as before, and I am now seeing a power light on the Roku device, which I wasn't seeing before. But selecting that HDMI channel with the remote is not giving me access to my Roku home page. How do I solve this? Thanks, Branden

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