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Can I buy a new Roku player without a remote?

I've just purchased a new Roku remote with voice commands, model RC AL9. I'm trying to pair it with my Roku 2 player, model 3050X. When I try to pair the remote following the Roku instructions, the TV pairing screen does not change to the "Pairing..." screen.

I assume my Roku player is not compatible with this remote, but I can't find a chart listing compatibilities for all Roku players with all Roku remotes. Anyway, now I need to buy a new Roku player, but I can't find an updated player that does not include a remote, which I don't need.

Is it possible to buy a Roku player without a remote?

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Re: Can I buy a new Roku player without a remote?

Right the 3050 only uses IR and bluetooth remotes. The RC-AL9 is Wifi-direct.

And Roku aren't sold without a remote, sorry. Cheapest model that will work with all RC-AL9 features is the Premiere plus 3921X. Others are the 3811 Roku Stick plus, Ultra LT, and roku Ultra. 

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