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2400SK voltage regulator

Hi everyone, hope someone can help with this question.

My white now TV box or also known 2400SK Roku made for sky. Near the DC connector my PCB has been getting warm in the power connector area. I've taken the casing off to get to the PCB. From looking at the board it seems like it's the voltage regulator (5pin sot23-5 package). Any chance anyone knows what the part is? Or an equivalent part? So I can repair it and get it working. 


With the DC power supply outputting 5.2V I'm assuming a 5V reg would be to close for regulating (might as well not bother with the reg in that case). I'm going on it's either a 3.3V, 3V or a 1.8V voltage regulator. Plus with what looks like to inductor on the board it's probably a Low Dropout (LDO) regulator.


Thanks for the help.

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Re: 2400SK voltage regulator

So obviously youre not in the States.

You can try asking one of these two guys:

@Tivoburkee  or @atc98092 

Good Luck theyll be along

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Re: 2400SK voltage regulator

Oh, ouch! Dredging up my electronics reading from back in the 70s when I studied for my ham license Smiley Very Happy

But unfortunately, I have no idea what they might be using as a voltage regulator. I've never opened up any of my Roku players. 

You say it's getting warm, and then later you mention "get it working". Are you simply concerned with the heat being generated, or is there an actual problem using your player? Most Roku players get warm, some more than others, but it's not a problem.

But I also have to mention that the 2400 was released in 2011, so it's a really old player. It has a very slow CPU in comparison to the latest boxes, has little memory, only support 720p as the highest resolution, and Roku no longer supports the North American market for that player. I suggest you consider it's time for replacement. 


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