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roku rss feed from vimeo pro

how can i find feed on vimeo pro to my roku channel someone help pleases

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Roku Guru

Re: roku rss feed from vimeo pro

Create an access token in vimeo for your account, I use code like this, adjust as needed for your needs:

Web = createobject("roURLTransfer"): Web.SetCertificatesFile("common:/certs/ca-bundle.crt"):
Web.InitClientCertificates(): Web.SetHeaders({Authorization: "bearer [Your Bearer Token"})

' Web.SetUrl(""): Data = Web.GetToString() ' Just to get full dump for a fielding layout

' Much faster to use specified fields once you know them, 100 is max page size

while true ' Loop forever until an exit while is hit
  Data = Web.GetToString(): JSON = ParseJSON(Data)
  for each Item in JSON.Data
    Movie = CreateObject("roSGNode","ContentNode"): Contents.Push(Movie) ' etc,,,
    Movie.ContentType="Movie": Movie.EpisodeNumber=Item.URI: Movie.Title=Name
    Movie.ShortDescriptionLine1 = Item.Title
    SD=Item.Pictures.Sizes[0]: HD=Item.Pictures.Sizes[0]: FHD=Item.Pictures.Sizes[0]
    for each Size In Item.Pictures.Sizes
      if Size.Width>SD.Width and Size.Width<720 SD=Size
      if Size.Width>HD.Width and Size.Width<1024 HD=Size
      if Size.Width>FHD.Width and Size.Width<1980 FHD=Size
    end for
  Movie.SDPosterURL=SD.Link: Movie.HDPosterURL=HD.Link: Movie.FHDPosterURL=FHD.Link
  for each File In Item.Files
    if File.Quality="hls" Movie.URL=File.Link
    end for
  end for
if exit while
end while

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Streaming Star

Re: roku rss feed from vimeo pro

Home, showcases, choose your showcase, then choose TV apps. (have to add videos to showcases from the general tab of the video first)


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Channel Surfer

Re: roku rss feed from vimeo pro

Vimeo gives you the option to get a basic Roku feed from your Vimeo Showcase. 

If you have organized your videos in only 1 Vimeo Showcase, then the feed you get from Vimeo is good and you can use it.

But if you have organized your videos in more than 1 Vimeo Showcase (for example to categorize your videos or to organize them depending on different content-types e.g. movies, series, shortFormVideos etc.) then the feed from Vimeo does not really work:

The reason is that Vimeo gives you a feed for each Showcase. So you get multiple feeds. But Roku only accepts one feed.

What you can do is to use a Roku Feed builder that connects with Vimeo - like

Tappla let's you choose the Roku video type for each Vimeo Showcase and merges all together into one feed. Additionally you can also add HLS live stream URLs to your Roku JSON feed. 

(Full disclaimer: I'm one of the founders of Tappla. If there is a feature missing for the Roku feed builder, let me know and we try to add it to the Roku feed builder asap).

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