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photo orientation wrong when doing slideshow from usb

I bought 2 Roku TV's to use for slideshow of my family photos. I uploaded pictures onto USB and they easily displayed on the TV's in a slideshow, however, the orientation of most pictures is incorrect. On my computer the display is correct. I have been searching for resolution, and see many complaints. Are there any solutions????I have downloaded 2 other photo apps which unfortunately did not resolve the issue as they rely on Roku TV for the display of photos. I am thinking I just need to return my TV's for a different brand. 

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Re: photo orientation wrong when doing slideshow from usb

hi @Kellie5150  , i'm not sure that the part of the forum dedicated to channel developers is the right place for your issue

maybe you would find a faster help in a place like

or maybe


Building a TV Channel can be easy … if you have a right tools ===>>