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Vimeo Search box only on new (unpublished) channel

Ok, so finally got feed status working.  I think it coincides with everyone else having their feeds working again.  Now, however, I can't get my roku to match with the preview on the dev site. (this is a new channel, never been published.)

The Roku device only shows a search box and an about box.  The splash screen works, so that lulled me into false excitement.

The preview on the dev page shows all the video thumbnails, etc.

Thanks in advance for all the help.  Desperately trying to figure out how to do church whilst sheltered in place

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Re: Vimeo Search box only on new (unpublished) channel

I was able to add it, it has  like 2 rows of 5 or 10 thumbnails, Mostly the Kelty thumb for the videos. Try Settings > System Update, also, what kindof Roku do you have?  Another poster had an older device which was likely the culprit, that or a USB might cause it.

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Re: Vimeo Search box only on new (unpublished) channel

@deltabravo  I remember having a similar problem.  I believe the steps I received in this post helped me.

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