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Reel Rookie

Sort order bug with multiple tags per category

I have a direct publisher channel with Categories defined in the RDP portal. Each category contained a single tag and is set to "any selected tag" and "most recent first". I have a JSON feed coming from Brightcove with correctly defined dateAdded and releaseDate values set. Everything was working as expected until I tried adding a second tag to one category. This category correctly displays all of the videos from both tags, however the order of the videos is seemingly random. The order appears different across different roku devices, and I've not been able to identify a pattern that makes sense. Maybe it's displaying as Most Popular, but I haven't taken the time to determine if that's the case. As a test I added a common tag to all of the videos in that category and updated the category to only show one tag. As soon as I made that change, the same videos were displaying and the sort order was correct.

Is there a known issue with having two tags display in a category? All of my videos have multiple tags already, and in this case if I was trying to add tags A and B to category One, all videos either had tag A or tag B, no one video had both tags. Thank you

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Roku Guru

Re: Sort order bug with multiple tags per category

I run into this too. I think it's more precise to sort them in the feed. I've tried manipulating the dates and such and always comes up semi-random. I don't even think it defaults to Most Popular because new videos fall around 3rd or 4th and other end up at the end. This is all hours after ingesting.

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