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Please help - Roku Channel not Showing Newest Update

Hi - I work for a church. We've been broadcasting our services via Roku for the past 6 weeks. We upload our service to Boxcast as our streaming provider, put it in a public channel on Boxcast, and Boxcast will generate a .json feed which we use for our Roku Direct Publisher channel. We upload the video to Boxcast and add it to the public channel on Friday evenings. For the past six weeks, the Roku Channel is updated with the new video (and the previous two week's videos) when I check on Sat morning around 8:30 AM. Today, as of 10:25 AM), the video for our service tomorrow is still not showing in the Channel on multiple Roku devices. I am NOT a developer or a coder (I'm a pastor with some tech experience from my Navy days 20+ years ago and working in tech support at a helpdesk). I have no idea what's going wrong this week. Our service video was encoded in the same format as it's been done the previous six weeks and isn't any larger than the other weeks.

In the Roku Developer Feed Status page under Manage My Channel, it's showing that the feed has been updated three times since we added this video to the public channel in Boxcast, and there don't appear to be any errors. When I click Preview in the Roku Developer, it shows the channel with the new video and the previous two weeks (which is what it should), but on the actual Roku devices, it still shows up as it should have prior to the update last night.

I can't find a way to contact Roku Developer Support directly besides the support form. That says it takes two days for a response, and we need this working for our church services tomorrow morning.


Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.




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Re: Please help - Roku Channel not Showing Newest Update

There have been some reported problems on the forum from developers who use a service that generates the json file for them (ie. Vimeo).  The file generated file may conflict with what Roku expects.  Your best bet at this point is to contact Roku Partner Success directly.

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Re: Please help - Roku Channel not Showing Newest Update

Thanks for the reply - I just submitted the help request using the link you provided.

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Re: Please help - Roku Channel not Showing Newest Update

My latest update isn't appearing either.  Updates on Sunday worked, but not the ones on Thursday.

No change in JSON file format.

They just mess things up periodically and have to be harassed to fix them. . . .

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Re: Please help - Roku Channel not Showing Newest Update

Same problem here.

It's happening again! My updates from 11/11/2020 are the latest videos on the viewer's devices.

Report the problem to the help desk on Friday.


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