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No Feed Updates - Vimeo Pro/Odd Networks

Hi all, 
I have a published channel, using Vimeo Pro and Odd Networks - since the channel was approved and published I have not been able to get any of my new content added to the channel, despite following instructions from both the Roku and Odd Networks info.

Am I correct in assuming that once my channel was published all I had to was add new content to Vimeo in the correct collection, refresh the Odd Network GUI and then Roku would would automatically update the channel content?

I have even published the channel again just to make sure that I'm not doing something wrong, but with no joy of having the new content.

Any help appreciated, I have a tonne of hockey fans waiting for game highlights!
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Re: No Feed Updates - Vimeo Pro/Odd Networks

ODD Networks update:

Per Kris (CEO):
Jun 21
We are in the middle of upgrading the technology that backs the free Roku Direct Publisher system which is causing some disruptions. We're not discontinuing it, but adding new features and making it more robust. We're also revamping our website and our customer service communications flow. 
Oct 4
Yes, we intend to continue to support the Roku feed. It's about 4 months overdue for an update at this point, unfortunately. We've had a busy summer with some larger projects we needed to deliver. I'm targeting Nov. 10th to have some more news for you in regards to the Roku feed.

I'll update as I find out more info from Kris, but at the moment the website is no longer functionable.

You can still use the feed, but you would have to update it manually using an JSON editor if you want to add/remove videos & categories.

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