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Newbie problem

I was able to get two videos working on my channel, but when I added a 3rd, I started getting these errors:

Required category name is missing.

Category playlistName and category query missing. Only one must be included.

I did the 3rd the same way I did the first 2, but now even after I deleted the 3rd, I am still getting those errors for the 2 that were working fine before. Any ideas what is causing this?

JSON file:

Soap Streams
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Re: Newbie problem

Each feeds different but I took a look at it, you seem to have nothing/null for "Category". Can you try naming one in it ("Soaps"), try adding tags too. Or take them out altogether but I'm not sure null is valid for a category field.

Also, do you still have the original feed that DID work?  Always best to keep feeds by date or version so that if ever you need to revert back to one you still have it.
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Re: Newbie problem

I opened your feed file in my software and it reported the following:

2019-03-02 09:34:38.3228 ERROR Empty 'series' object found in feed file.
2019-03-02 09:34:38.3228 ERROR Empty 'short form videos' object found in feed file.
2019-03-02 09:34:38.3228 ERROR Empty 'tv special' object found in feed file.

While the errors may not be directly related to your problem, it's never a good idea to code an empty Json object.  This typically happens when coding a feed file manually ("by hand using an editor").  Additionally, as 37mediagroup posted, you have a problem with your "Category" object.  You have two Movies defined that both reference a tag called "Santa Barbara".  Your Category, however, is not named, and, it does not contain any tags.  If you name the category and use "Santa Barbara" as the "query" in the category, your Movies should show in the channel.  Please read the Roku Category spec for more info.
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