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New Roku 3 will not set-up

I was gifted a new Roku 3, all seals in place, never opened or used.  Model# 4200R, Lot# 5200127746. I went through set-up procedure as indicated. The unit turns on ok. I go though set-up internet fine, then download software up date, system auto restarts alter down load complete, system reboots and goes back to set-up screen. I went through the set-up procedure numerous time and machine is in a continues to loop back to set up. I tried a reset buy using external reset button, re-paired remote no problem, however the machine continued to loop, I repeated this procedure several times with the same looping results . I have spent hours attempting to set-up this device. HELP, Raleigh

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Roku 3 questions on Model #4200R

Hello I have a Roku 3 Model # 4200R. I have not used it in several years. What is the Maximum Resolution on this device? What Operating System is it? What Audio/Video Outputs is it? Finally what Features is it, Wi-Fi, 4K or etc?   Thank you! 

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Re: Roku 3 questions on Model #4200R

Reviews on Amazon go back to 2015. Seems it was ethernet only, no wifi connectivity. HDMI out. HD no 4k.


It might still work ok, after sitting for years I'm not sure if missing upgrades etc ruins it, also at 6 years old it could work fairly slow. Technology advances and like the early days of PCs in the 90s & 00s the shelf life was fairly short early on, 5ish years.

If you plug it in & its annoyingly slow I would suggest buying a new one. Worth the money to not have slow load times & interaction.  As someone above wrote tho, this is the wrong section of the forum for Roku Help. We are not Roku employees or staff, just users & channel creators.

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