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Re: Manual re-ingestment limit for unpublished channel?

I have contacted them before and it is kind of iffy.  At one point updates were made to a channel and they never appeared for DAYS.  The only thing that would get them to appear was either either creating a new channel version OR having people REBOOT their device.  Once the device was rebooted the channel updates did appear.  But there is no way to tell users that and who is going to think, "Hmmm.... I wonder if I'll see channel updates when I reboot my device?"  That's NOT how things are supposed to work and the Roku answering person didn't seem to comprehend.  Their wondrous suggestion was to export the Direct Publisher channel to the code.  Not exactly a great solution.  (Apparently things that are not made with Direct Publisher are not ingested by Roku so each device does the ingestion itself.)  So to save figuring out how their system is screwed up they suggest you don't use it.  Good one!  😄

At the moment I have a question in about how to get feed items to appear in the Roku search results list.  It used to work fine until somewhere around the beginning of the year.  Now only the channel name appear in results and none of the contents available on the channel.  It worked fine before, nothing changed on this end, and it doesn't work the same (or right) now. . . .


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