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Json Feed Manager : warning when saving feed

2020-06-06 07:20:46.5076 ERROR Invalid URL format for ''. URL must use secure protocol 'https'.

All the other videos that are tied into the Roku feed are being transcoded to work in Kaltura, but right now the transcoder is being overworked and a trouble ticket is being investigated at the host level.

In the meantime, I tried using a direct link to the provider and this was the error it gave to me. Now it did ingest and does count two of the videos sent up the stream but so far Roku will not show the graphic assigned or the video to play on the screen after it was submitted. 

Last response from Roku is 

159 items ingested successfully 06/06/2020 07:58AM
Now, what I am curious to see has this been corrected in the newer versions of "Json Feed Manager"
Here is the current details of my machine.
windows 7, currently using this is the last stable version for me before you switched the requirements to continue use of Windows 8 and Windows 10.
My channel is stable and functional, I have been managing content for Roku for several years without monetization an agreement we made long ago for me to bring this to families worldwide. This is the latest release on Roku keyword : Boowa and Kwala
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Re: Json Feed Manager : warning when saving feed

First, please report any questions/problems for the Json Feed Manager as an issue at

The message you are receiving is a result of the Roku Json Schema requirement for all video URLS to use the secure protocol.  It works as designed to prevent any conflicts with the schema.

Sorry, but, support for Windows 7 was removed since Microsoft is no longer supporting that OS.

FREE Windows desktop software for converting Direct Publisher channels to SceneGraph (SDK), for creating BIF (Trick Play) files, Roku (MRSS, JSON) feed files, and FireTV feed files @ GitHub/rrirower.
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Re: Json Feed Manager : warning when saving feed

I stand corrected.. so application is working fine. So that means, I am stuck temporarily until I get my host fixed. Thanks you reaching out. I'm tempted to reinstall 10, but with the continuous failures with older video drivers I'm hesitant to cause harm. I have way to many things on my hard drive, but yes I have backups...I have a second video host from DropShots but they were recently attacked, admins are working to restore service. So I will take a pause for now.

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