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Can anyone elaborate on Genre Invalid + Categories?

I got out of the gates really quick with direct publisher, but now there are just a few maddening hurdles at the finish line that I cannot get past. One is the feed status giving me a warning of "GENRE INVALID". My feed is from Vimeo. I've had an arbitrary genre checked within Vimeo and unchecked as well. Both give me a GENRE INVALID warning. 

The other challenge preventing me from publishing is categories. When I click on the Categories page, it's giving me a warning that I must have at least 1 custom category. No matter how many times I try to create on, it just won't take. 

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 

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Re: Can anyone elaborate on Genre Invalid + Categories?

In the "Categories" section of the Roku submission process, you need to do 2 things. Give the Category a name, as well as add a Tag to match it up with. Make sure you are doing both of these things.


As for Genre, make sure its one of the listed Genre's to choose from, seems they can't be arbitrary:

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Re: Can anyone elaborate on Genre Invalid + Categories?

Your problem description implies that Vimeo is generating your feed file for you.  I don't use Vimeo for various reasons.  Can you confirm that you are using a feed file that is generated for you?  Are you aware that you can manage your feed file and still use Vimeo as your host?

I've seen lots of users complain about feed files when used with Vimeo.  I'm trying to understand what the issues are.

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