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vga projector connection problem


Apologies if it sounds oldschool.
I have a problem connecting my Roku 3 to the vga video projector (benq mp721c) that requires 640p video resolution. By default my projector gives message out of range. Each time I need to connect my Roku to the monitor in order to change its output default resolution from 1080p to 640p. And only after this I can connect it to my projector. It works fine until Roku is accidentally powered off. Then I need to use the monitor again. Is there a way to change Roku (default?) video output resolution to 640p without a screen for example using App, my online account or remote control? Many thanks in advance for your help, Yaro

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Re: vga projector connection problem

@polymerguy Thanks for the note. There isn't an option to achieve the functionality that you described unfortunately. Roku devices aren't designed to need to be powered off, so any settings change should theoretically remain in place on the device, unless there is an interruption to device power. 




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Re: vga projector connection problem

Hi Tanner,

thank you for you reply @RokuTannerD . This is really unfortunate since i do not have a screen at home (only 2 laptops and a projector) and in order to set it up last time I had to borrow a PC screen from my work. It worked fine for about a year (i didn't switch off Roku and switched off the projector since its lamp has limited lifetime) and there was a power cut at my place and now Roku is back to the default settings. And my projector keeps saying out of range for the video output from Roku and I had to find(bring) an external screen again since one cannot use laptop screen as a projector for Roku. Such a small feature but it is really frustrating. May be you can advice on the sequence for the keys on remote to lower the resolution to 640 without video signal?

Kind regards,


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