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screen cast / mirror cast works but not really ?

Sorry for the long post but this topic is a little hard to explain what I'm asking

Is there an app that will let you stream anything from android to roku as advertised. 

If I just browse to a video and click to watch it then click the small streamcast image at the top portion of that screen it just has the option to select my tv and nothing else. 

If I browse within the roku streamcast/mirror apps window and find a video, this also has a streamcast icon. If click a video within the searched app I can then click a streamcast icon there too and then the options for roku and others are there. However, only when using search and opening the video within the screencast browser/search engine that the app uses.

I hope this makes sense. It's sort of like an isolated search and browser built into the screencast apps that are outside of normal browsing on my phone or normal use of the twitch app etc. 

So in this case I can browse and open a video then screencast, but it's not really mirroring my android because it won't allow me to mirror apps or things that I use on my phone. For example you can't just screencast everything that I'm doing on my phone such as the twitch app and watching a video and chat window etc as you would normally. It basically only allows a casting of the actual video your watching with no other interaction allowed. 

Cannot browse in twitch to find those that you follow and open to screencast but only can search something in the screencast browser itself. 

Is there anything that will actually mirror my android as advertised ? 

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Level 7

Re: screen cast / mirror cast works but not really ?

I am having same problem.

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Level 13

Re: screen cast / mirror cast works but not really ?

Not all devices will support screen mirroring:

YouTube, Netflix, Plex, and perhaps a few others support casting at the app level.

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