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roku express running at 125-130 degrees F - too hot?

I got a roku express a few weeks ago. It's running quite warm; my IR temperature gun reads 125-130 degrees F.  

I also sometimes get a message saying that the usb is underpowered. I have to power cycle it to get it working again. The power supply I was using is from the a/c adapter that came with the unit that has as a usb output. I'm not powering it from a computer usb port.

Is mine running too hot? Has anyone with an express tested theirs? I'm mostly viewing at 1080p.

I switched to a spare a/c adapter that I used to use with a raspberry pi. I still occasionally get the usb power warning The original I have been using to charge a cell phone, and it appears to work just fine. So it doesn't appear to be a true power problem. Could it be overheating instead?
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Re: roku express running at 125-130 degrees F - too hot?

Do you have the power adapter plugged in to a wall socket or into a power extension lead or something? An overloaded power lead can cause such errors.

I have the Stick+ and whilst that can get hot, I don't think it's reaching those temps. It can overheat if tucked behind the TV but I use it on that little HDMI extender lead to avoid that. If you can't sort the power issue it should be returned for replacement though so the heat issue is beside the point.
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Re: roku express running at 125-130 degrees F - too hot?

I have the previous version of the Stick, and it gets quite warm very quickly. Roku has responded in past threads that this is normal. I've never had an issue either using the TV USB jack or the wall cube it came with. But of course your model isn't identical to mine, so there's a chance there's something wrong with it. If it was just the temps I'd say don't worry about it. But with the additional power issues, I think contacting customer service would be a wise move.
Make sure you don't just do a web search for Roku support. I can almost guarantee you will get a scam site instead of the official Roku support. They will either try to charge you money (official Roku support would never do that), or request to remote into your computer, where they will install some sort of virus software without your permission. Use the Roku web site and drill down through all the self-help and you will eventually get to a page with actual contact information.

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Re: roku express running at 125-130 degrees F - too hot?

Thanks, I went to the Roku website and since I got mine from Amazon, and it's a Roku express, they won't provide support.

I did find something on overheating. If I get a solid red light, I'll know if it's overheating. I haven't got the power message in a few days and I'm not seeing a solid red light either. I've now got it elevated with air around it and away from any other heat sources. Hopefully that will solve any problems. The express I got was listed as refurbished and was only $25. If this fails, I'll probably just go for a new (and newer) model.
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: roku express running at 125-130 degrees F - too hot?

As atc said, that temperature isn't outside our safety margin, so I don't think you have to worry.  Doing what you did should help lower the temp though.

If you do notice some abnormal behavior, let us know.
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Re: roku express running at 125-130 degrees F - too hot?

The express I got was listed as refurbished and was only $25.

I buy refurb quite a bit, but in this case you might want to think about returning it if possible, a new Roku Express is only $30 and an Express + is only $35, you'd have peace of mind knowing you had a new device with no problems rather than a  possibly damaged refurb for only a few dollars more.
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Re: roku express running at 125-130 degrees F - too hot?

I've also noticed Sticks running hot to the touch.  Curious what's your Express internal temp (in Celsius) listed on the Roku Platform Secret Screen:

Home x5, FF, Play, RW, Play, FF

FWIW these were the stats from our environment awhile back:

A Stick+ running hot behind a wall-mounted 86 TV

After the Stick+ had ramped its CPU to max 1GHz, temp was redlining, cause for concern?

After the Stick+ throttled back to 216MHz (it had further gone down to the 90's C when idle)

Here were our other Roku's:

An Ultra given more ventilation, CPU at max 1.5GHz

Same Ultra with CPU at 700MHz (new baseline?)

Same Ultra previously seen with CPU baseline of 216MHz?

A wall-mounted TCL Roku TV, CPU constant at 1.2GHz, temp fluctuated a few degrees +/- 80 C

Another wall-mounted TCL Roku TV, CPU also fixed at 1.2GHz, temp fluctuated in the high 60's C
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Device Running Hot Notification

I have a relatively new Streaming Stick +.  I am frequently getting a notice in the upper right hand corner of my screen that the device is running hot and that I should connect to a website that it give for instruction.  Is this legitimate, or is it a fishing expedition.  If the latter, how can it access my Roku?

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Re: Device Running Hot Notification

Does the stick feel really hot to the touch?

It definitely sounds like a scam.

I would think a factory reset would clear it.

Ask the admins.

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Re: Device Running Hot Notification

@vanbutler  Thanks for reaching out. Roku devices may sometimes run warm during use, which is normal. If you continue to see that message, please follow the instructions here:

Ordering a free HDMI extender, and/or adjusting the placement of your device to improve airflow can help. If you need additional assistance, please feel free to get in touch with our support team here for help resolving playback issues:




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