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overscan redux 2019

[pre-post comment: thanks for a) sizeable textbox, b) very decent editing tools; all website contactus and forum pages should have this Smiley Happy] (apologies for stuff in CAPS, s'just for emphasis)

 OK, I've read the (few) posts re overscan issues + Roku's non-support thereof. Yes, Virginia, other apps like VUDU apparently let you tweak the picture dimensions, just as many IPTV set-top boxes do; I played with an SBC that had excellent tweaking options. PS: Nerds have ALWAYS been 'in'. Even moreso now.

It's just a SOFTWARE tweak, a value in a field, a parameter that can be set on-the-fly so that the picture -actually fits the screen- without loss. Much more irritating on SD televisions (they're STILL great to watch OTA on, hey!). one's expressed a sufficient rationale for Roku's modification of or addition of a 'secret menu' (unless there's already one there I haven't found) for tweaking the horizontal, the vertical, changing the image to a soft blur or sharpening it to crystal clarity...until now, perhaps.

Sorry, I'm an Outer Limits fan, from the git.

Here's the REAL issue, Roku: 'snot a CONVENIENCE problem at all. Nope.

It's an issue for those of us who a) have SD tv's and b) Roku's that support them and c) are also VISUALLY CHALLENGED and need to see the ENTIRE screen content so we can tell what's going on. Both for me and my SO. We both have SD televisions that work just great (until they don't, then we'll just punt) but are problematic with Roku because the overscan is more than just irritating and annoying, it causes perception problems and makes channels unusable. For her, mainly. [hey, TIVO..ditto on your baby/satellite STB; fix it!]

BUT. Didja'all know that there's someone to complain to about this?! Yeppers. Smiley Tongue

See the CONTACTUS page on roku dot com. Here's the copied text (you're welcome):

Accessibility for the Visually and Hearing Impaired

For general inquiries regarding our products and services, please visit Roku Support.

If you wish to file a complaint related to regarding the accessibility of our products and services by individuals with visual or hearing impairment, please contact:

Stephen Kay
Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Roku, Inc.
150 Winchester Circle, Los Gatos, CA 95032
Phone number: 408-556-9391
Fax number: 408-364-1260

So, this entire post will get emailed to Mr Kay. Perhaps if we all do that some Roku techie will manage a tweak (is Roku's soft/firm/etc-ware open-source? I wonder).

But it does rather boggle the mind as to why such a basic, simple, no-brainer, commonsense option was omitted. I used to create / develop / resuscitate online systems BITD, and this wouldn't have even been a question let alone require authorization from God or the legal department.

Probable effect: nil. But at least Mr Kay will be aware of the issue.

Happy ROKUing.




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Re: overscan redux 2019

This post is really hard to read. It would help of you don't use strange formatting/punctuation and just use normal complete sentences. It sounds like you are upset about Roku not having controls for overscan, is that it? Honestly I'm not even sure. Do you mean Roku TVs? Do you mean Roku models that attach to your old SD TVs?

Level 8

Re: overscan redux 2019


Hmmm, well IMNSHO my punctuation is not 'strange'; various editing options are utilized to add emphasis; this is standard procedure for me.

To  answer your question, tho, yes, specifically this applys to SD televisions (obvious if you read the post), not Roku TVs. The major point was that other set-top boxes allow you to adjust picture size, among other parameters, whereas ROKU's boxes do not. There is an approximate overscan (image bleeds past the screen borders) of, say, an inch on each side. This presents problems when using Roku to access Netflix, for instance, and makes it very difficult to read the text or see the screen info especially on the lefthand side.

Hope this clarifies things.  There are other posts regarding this issue.

Suggestion for ROKU developers: set up a hidden menu for such tweaks, eh?

There ya go.


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